It is good to be 3 or at least a 3 mobile data customer

Got home and found a letter from my telco. I wondered what it was about, opened it and got a pleasant surprise. 3 is really going after the mobile data market in Australia, they were already the cheapest mobile data provider. They are now dramatically increasing data allowances on all their plans, mine went from 1Gb to 2Gb a month.

It is interesting to see how the other telcos are going to react. When 3 changed there plans in December last year, all were slow in reacting and some 8 months later they had all improved but only one got close. Now everything has changed again.

The current top level plans for each of the big telcos on 24 month contract with uncapped HSDPA:

  • Telstra 3Gb $185 (they do have best coverage outside metro areas)
  • Optus 2Gb $130 (and you still have to pay $100 for modem, free with all others)
  • Vodafone 2Gb $80
  • 3 5Gb $100 (or 2Gb $50)

And both Telstra and 3 (if you are an existing 3 customer) give you incentives by discounting their rate by 50% for the first months on some packages.

I do not expect Australia will get unlimited mobile data plans desired by Grum in the next couple of years, but I do expect another rate/data allowance change in 9 to 12 months time.

2 Responses to “It is good to be 3 or at least a 3 mobile data customer”

  1. Precel Says:

    … Be careful … I’m 3 customer and I’m quite unsatisfied.
    First thing – I don’t know about Australia but there in UK they don’t have customer service in here but in India … I’m not native English language speaker but they are worst then anything.
    And also they selling their contracts trough some strange companies … I’m short about 120 UK pound.

  2. Salman Says:

    Good luck with three. The only good thing when they arrive is that they force other operators to cut down their prices by offering cheap price plans. Their service is rubbish. Before they arrived in UK cross network calls were quite expensive and if you were on say t mobile then you could only call t mobile and calling other networks was too expensive but they started offering cheap cross network price plans and other companies had to follow. They also come up with innovative ideas but the service standard is quite low.