MacBook Pro, Merlin XU870, Parallels and Three customer service (part 2)

I managed to get hold of Windows laptop and try to upgrade the wireless card firmware again. It was successful this time, but it was a three step process:

  1. store the current setting,
  2. upgrade the firmware and
  3. restore the old settings.

As the first attempt to upgrade, only completed the first two stages, the original settings where lost. So all future attempts would not be successful.

So time to contact 3’s data and modem support. In the past I always mention upfront I am using an Apple and I get promoted to second tier support, talk to a Mac specialist and a quick solution. This time because I was also using a windows machine, I spent more than ten minutes going through the basics with the first tier of support to make sure I was not doing anything stupid. However with no easy solution at hand, I was promoted to the second tier.

My second tier support person was Bushra (sp?), I explained the situation in half a dozen short statements. The response was “Your modem is broken. The good news is that it is under warranty and we will replace it. I can post it to you or you can pick it up from any 3 store”. I arranged to pick up a new modem from the closest 3 store in Murray Street Mall. I was on my way to the store five minutes later, when I got a call from Bushra, to tell me that there was no wireless cards in the Murray Street store, however if I wanted to, there was one waiting for me at the Hay Street Mall store. I said thank you and walked the extra 50m to pick up my wireless card.

The bad news was it took twenty minutes for the store to sort out the paper work, so I spent the time surfing the web on my phone and listening to what was going on in the store. One thing I did learn is that the staff in the store have very little power. If you have a problem with 3 you need to contact their call centre, speak to the second tier of support and you are likely to get it resolved in your favor.

The new card worked straight away.

Things I learnt today

  1. Do not use Parallels to upgrade your firmware on a Novatel Merlin XU870 wireless modem, get hold of a Windows laptop instead.
  2. If you need to contact 3’s data and modem support, tell them you are using Mac and get real support.


2 Responses to “MacBook Pro, Merlin XU870, Parallels and Three customer service (part 2)”

  1. Dan Warne Says:

    Great post Nick, very helpful of you to post this stuff for other customers. just wondering where you found the firmware upgrade file? I looked on the Novatel website but firmware was only available for other carriers in the US, not Three Australia.

  2. Nick Says:

    Dan from the Three site, customer care > software update. The link to the software update is in the third panel More from your mobile