Mobile broadband gets cheaper in Oz

I thought I got a good deal at the beginning of the year when I signed up for mobile broadband for 1Gb at $49 a month. Regular readers will know that got upgraded to 2Gb a month, for the same price a few months ago. Well there is now a price war on, with Vodafone offering 5Gb for $39 a month, then 3 offering 2Gb for $24.50 a month and now 1Gb a month for $14.50 (for 3 customers only), for limited time only.

There are a few things to be wary of, to get a free modem you need to sign up for a 2 year contract. Data is calculated on both uploads and downloads. If you exceed your monthly limit, you are charged at a rate of $0.10 a Mb. The service is limited to metropolitan area of major Australian cities. Which means for Vodafone in Perth the metro area ends at Jandakot. So check where you need to use it, with the coverage maps at their websites.

Advantages, you get internet access anywhere within most metropolitan area of major Australian cities, I use it for 30 minute trip to work everyday. The download speed is better than most wired broadband connections, mine is usually in the 400 to 800kps range. I just downloaded Firefox 3 beta 2 all 17Mb in under 3 minutes while browsing the web.

It is so handy and useful, if you are a laptop warrior, live in a major Australian city and don’t have a mobile broadband, I would recommend it. And if you are already a 3 customer, the $14.50 for 1Gb a month is a good deal, especially seeing the RRP of the modem is $300. So for $348 over two years, you get internet access and a modem.

I rarely top 1Gb a month and this is the only internet connection I have. If you tend to download more and intend to use mobile broadband as your only connection, you will have to do research to find the best package for you.

These are limited time offer, but after observing the mobile broadband market for almost two years, I expect the regular prices to get to this level in the next few months. But if you need an incentive to get mobile broadband now, they are good offers in comparison to the alternatives from the other providers.

2 Responses to “Mobile broadband gets cheaper in Oz”

  1. Jason Says:

    What about us in regional centres?!!

    It’s good that prices are coming down, I just wish that we weren’t consistently being left behind. We might see those prices in a year or two…


  2. Daniel B Says:

    yeah i totally agree, wireless broadband is definitely coming down to the affordable level. Even though most packages only offer limits of up to 5 or so gig, it’s still enough for your average monthly browsing. I’m on the 3 network for my 3 GB a month limit, i rarely go over – and when i do it’s only by $10 or so. But in terms of convenience; there’s no beating it – i’ve even used it on the beach from time to time, but that might be taking it too far, lol.