Normal services will resume shortly

Hopefully things should return to a version of normal this week. Angie has been out of hospital for a week now and I have been adjusting to my new role as chief teamaker and preparer of soft boiled eggs and soldiers.

I have been out and about for a few days, instead of walking around the garden as instructed by her physio, Angie has been getting her exercise by going shopping for DVDs. Her reward for giving up smoking after 20 years, so far she has spent her cigarette money through to August.

I should start posting more regularly here, get the photoblog back running, I have taken photos almost everyday for the past month, I just have not uploaded any or even sorted them. As well as finish a couple of projects, the new West Coast Bloggers template based on a design by Si (it is almost finished guys) and redesign this blog at long last. As well as prepare a presentation on mobile web browsing for the April AWIA/Port80 meeting.

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