NSW government fair trading blogs

Researching Government use of web 2.0 technology for this week’s BarCamp Nano, I found the Ripped Off blog. Which allows NSW consumers to tell their stories about being ripped off

Given my background of working for DOCEP, the West Australian equivalent of NSW Office of Fair Trading, I was suprised that such a blog exisits, given the conservative nature of the public service and possible legal ramifications. A quick look at the conditions of use did not surprise me, it is pretty heavy going given that it aimed at youth, with terms like You irrevocably consent to. Fair Trading NSW needs to protect themselves, but it could be easier to read and understand.

Those concerns aside it is great to see some Australian Government agencies taking steps to actively engage their audience. I will be keeping an eye on Ripped Off and Are we on the right track? a blog on the proposed reforms to NSW residential tenancy law.

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