Oz-IA/2007 aka Sydney day 2

After a late night and a good coffee I was ready for Oz-IA/2007. It was a jam packed days with lots of good presentations and time to met lots of people between sessions including somebody I had not seen for 12 years. I will run through the highlights of day for me.

Designing sites people love – balancing emotion with business reality – Elizabeth Pek & Andy Coffey

This presentation delat with the redesign of the Sydney Morning Herald website. Interesting for me because of the time I spent with News Digital Media and how both major media companies structure their online teams and business. Also the SMH is an information site much like the State Library should be. Time to adapt the lesson SMH learnt to my next project.

Is length still an issue? – Iain Barker

Dovetailed beautifully into the previous presentation, as the SMH homepage is close to 3000px long. Some interesting research, but to put it simply users will scroll on the home page, if they expect to find the information there and it can improve usability and the overall user experience.

“There’s no I in team” – a case study in collaborative information architecture – Patrick Kennedy

I need to improve the quality of IA and UX at the Department of Culture and the Arts, mentoring as described by Patrick is exactly what we need.

Fast, cheap & somewhat in control – 10 lessons from the design of SlideShare – Rashmi Sinha

Some great lessons that Myles would of killed to of heard. But the same lessons can be applied to small discrete projects that you can afford to fail, in the Government or business.A very useful presentation for me.

Post Oz-IA

Drinks courtsey of Greg and Happener Recruitment, followed by another dinner at I am Spice, though not as spectacular as the night before, maybe my expectations where too high. Good company though.

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