Oz-IA/2007 - Sydney, September 22nd/23rd 2007

With both WDS07 and OZ-IA/2007 rapidly approaching, and a most of the local blogspace reminding people to sign up with Web Directions before the discount pricing ends this Friday at 2200 WST. (You should go at least once Ashul!).

It is time to put in plug for Oz-IA/2007. Disclaimer, by putting the Oz-IA logo on this post, I am will go into the draw to win a free ticket to Oz-IA. However, as soon as registrations opened I bought a ticket, so if I do win the ticket to Oz-IA/2007 I will have to find a fair way to redistribute it.

My willingness to buy a ticket straight away, should indicate how much I enjoyed Oz-IA last year and how much I am looking forward to this year’s Oz-IA. Actually I have been harassing Eric most of this year, to hold another Oz-IA close to WDS so I attend both. I am so glad Oz-IA/2007 is on the weekend before WDS2007, after Mark Bernstein attempted to make my head explode with his keynote at 0830 on the first day of Oz-IA/2006 after fours days of WDS06.

One Response to “Oz-IA/2007”

  1. nick Says:

    Mark Bernstein mentioned on his blog that I claimed he attempted to make people’s heads explode at 8:30am. No I was seriously worried about the state of my head, even after Donna assure my head would not explode at Oz-IA. Not other people’s heads during Mark’ presentation, when he started with the final third of a presentation he gave the week before in Europe, then move to the middle third of his presentation. Before finishing with the introduction, explaining the importance we place on the structure of information.

    This was my introduction to IA conferences and occurred after 4 days of workshops and speakers and 5 nights of socialising at WDS06. I learnt a lot at the first Oz-IA and I am going back for more and I will be prepared for keynotes that make my think at 8:30am. WDS07 is the week after Oz-IA and the PP80P is still a few days away from invading Sydney.