Perth that happening digital city

Some of know that Perth has very active digital community, we beat Sydney 2 to 1 in voting for the inaugural PodCamp Australia. However, the first week of December looks like it will outdo anything that has happened here in the past. With:

The ByteMe Festival – a true festival of digital content.

Massive – a big party with over 500 geeks who work, live or play (or usually all three) in the digital world.

WebJam – well one of those all comers 3 minute stand-up presentations of all things web, with idol style voting is rumoured to be occurring that week.

Port80 – we can not let the first Wednesday of any month go by with out a quiet drink and chat about all things web can we.

And something called Graphite 2007 which is why Massive is on a Tuesday this year.

It is going to be an interesting and probably tiring week, but I am looking forward to it.

2 Responses to “Perth that happening digital city”

  1. Maxine Sherrin Says:

    Hey Nick – thx for this post – guess, what – I’m going to come over for a couple of days just for the hell of it – was thinking I’d like to check out that Live Cinema event at Byte Me, and maybe stick around for a couple of days and go to Perth Massive. Anyway, have just booked a flight, so hopefully catch up then.

  2. Web Directions South 2007 » Blog Archive » Off to Perth again Says:

    […] I definitely wanted to get back and check out the city a bit more, but hadn’t thought the opportunity would present itself so soon. Then via Nick Cowie’s blog, I read about Byte Me! – a very cool looking festival of digital content happening in Perth from December 2-9. I’m always interested in art on the digital frontiers, and have been thinking a bit about the intersection of what we still call "new media" (though that term always gives me a wry grin) and what we in the web world call Web 2.0. And I’m an impulsive person, so I booked a flight. […]