Photoblog to hibernate

I started the photoblog on January 1 with the intention of taking and posting a photo a day. After a few weeks the posting became a little erratic, I would take photos on a daily basis, then post a photo from each day a couple of times each week. This went quite well until the end of February when Angie became ill.

That did not stop me from taking photos each day, I took more photos in the ten days Angie was in hospital than the two months before. The photos were all of the dogs, which I would take into hospital to cheer her up (and it worked). Even after Angie got out, I still manage to take photos almost everyday. I just did not get round to posting them. Even after I got back to work, I was taking photos every day, then I realised that I need to select some 60 photos, process them and post them.

With photos, I am a bit of a perfectionist, I want to display the best image possible. It would take me at around ten minutes a photo to select a photo, make adjustments and cropping in photoshop, before uploading the photos to flickr, zoomr or another service and then write the post. Without ten hours to spare I decided to halt the project and stop taking photos for a time.

It was not till I stop taking photos, I realised how forcing myself taking photos each day had changed my way of looking at the world, my observations skill had improved and I was noticing the little things.

The photoblog will return, I will make another attempt of a photo a day for a year, this time a financial year, starting July 1. And blue merle border collie fans need not worry, I am sure I can find an hour or two over the next couple of weeks to update Willow’s photo set on flickr.

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  2. Ruth Ellison Says:

    Willow is such a gorgeous dog!