I just went and created myself a photoblog, I did it for a number of reasons:

  1. to encourage myself to take photos as often as possible and have a place to post them. this blog is not really the place to post photos,
  2. to get a better understanding the Sandbox theme for WordPress for the redesign of this site,
  3. to experiment with flickr, zoomr, picasa and other online photo apps and their APIs,
  4. and to try to catch up to Kay on the number of blogs (all three are hers).

It is a pretty plain looking site, but I did that for a reason, the design should not take the focus of the photos.

I closed the blog done and removed it from the server, I was just not taking enough photos

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4 Responses to “Photoblog”

  1. Ben Buchanan Says:

    Out of curiosity, why not use flickr?

  2. Ben Buchanan Says:

    Never mind, the bit about APIs hadn’t really sunk in ;)

  3. nic b Says:

    here’s my 2c worth…my motivation for photographing the door is that it was my studio door 16 over 15 years ago and acretions of graffiti only improve it. I used the “eye” shape in quite a bit of work from then. here’s another up the road in James St: – still surviving… could this be some of the oldest “street art” in perth?

    so Nick we haven’t met, I did but see you travelling by, with your bag at the massive which gets me to thinking – if we all wandered around with url’s on our person – maybe the 6 degrees thing would shrink down a little. but it would be a pain taking down every domain or url you saw. I mean its bad enough already…so how about QR codes? these are the next big thing (or maybe just a bad prediction) anyway you can see one with some street art just here: across the road a bit from the door.

    now I look at the door again, I am drawn to the presence of the “R” and by strange coincidence I also snapped the R on the weekend elsewhere in town in wolf lane. I really like its execution as a neegative stencil. will flickr soon.

    Rose if you are reading this by email instead of on your blog, you will know your filter is still misbehavin.

    Nick – look forward to snapping or meeting you one day maybe this year.

    cheers, nic

  4. Kay Smoljak Says:

    Somehow Feeddemon ate your RSS feed Nick. I haven’t gotten any of your posts for a few weeks but I was too busy over Christmas to notice… I think a few others may have gone missing too :(

    Anyway, all fixed now, your photoblog is added, love the concept and looking forward to seeing more of your photos!