I just went and cre­ated myself a pho­tob­log, I did it for a num­ber of reasons:

  1. to encour­age myself to take pho­tos as often as pos­sible and have a place to post them. this blog is not really the place to post photos,
  2. to get a bet­ter under­stand­ing the Sand­box theme for Word­Press for the redesign of this site,
  3. to exper­i­ment with flickr, zoomr, picasa and other online photo apps and their APIs,
  4. and to try to catch up to Kay on the num­ber of blogs (all three are hers).

It is a pretty plain look­ing site, but I did that for a reason, the design should not take the focus of the photos.

I closed the blog done and removed it from the server, I was just not tak­ing enough photos

4 Responses to “Photoblog”

  1. Ben Buchanan Says:

    Out of curi­os­ity, why not use flickr?

  2. Ben Buchanan Says:

    Never mind, the bit about APIs hadn’t really sunk in ;)

  3. nic b Says:

    here’s my 2c worth…my motiv­a­tion for pho­to­graph­ing the door is that it was my stu­dio door 16 over 15 years ago and acre­tions of graf­fiti only improve it. I used the “eye” shape in quite a bit of work from then. here’s another up the road in James St: — still sur­viv­ing… could this be some of the old­est “street art” in perth?

    so Nick we haven’t met, I did but see you trav­el­ling by, with your bag at the massive which gets me to think­ing — if we all wandered around with url’s on our per­son — maybe the 6 degrees thing would shrink down a little. but it would be a pain tak­ing down every domain or url you saw. I mean its bad enough already…so how about QR codes? these are the next big thing (or maybe just a bad pre­dic­tion) any­way you can see one with some street art just here: across the road a bit from the door.

    now I look at the door again, I am drawn to the pres­ence of the “R” and by strange coin­cid­ence I also snapped the R on the week­end else­where in town in wolf lane. I really like its exe­cu­tion as a nee­g­at­ive sten­cil. will flickr soon.

    Rose if you are read­ing this by email instead of on your blog, you will know your fil­ter is still misbehavin.

    Nick — look for­ward to snap­ping or meet­ing you one day maybe this year.

    cheers, nic

  4. Kay Smoljak Says:

    Some­how Feed­de­mon ate your RSS feed Nick. I haven’t got­ten any of your posts for a few weeks but I was too busy over Christ­mas to notice… I think a few oth­ers may have gone miss­ing too :(

    Any­way, all fixed now, your pho­tob­log is added, love the concept and look­ing for­ward to see­ing more of your photos!