PodCamp Perth 2007

I came, I saw, I learnt, I presented and throughly enjoyed myself, even if over too quickly.

The most surprising thing, was that while the first PodCamp in Australia was supposed to of been organized by Adam Purcell and Jared Madden. I met them early in the day, but they disappeared into the crowd and did not even present. The organizing of PodCamp Perth 2007 seemed to be handled by Bronwen (of PerthNorg fame) and Simone (of EnjoyPerth fame), with the help of a large number of Perth people.

Cameron Reilly did the unkeynote bit, with a mix of personal history of the Podcast Network, technology, how old media does not get new media and geeks for greater good. It was a good story, and Cameron is a great story teller, even if I still needs practice with his new MacBook Pro. Cameron asked the how podcasts could move out of the radio broadcast mold and then promptly answered the question, community. Using blogs, twitter and second life a small number of podcast consumers are getting involved.

Due to my caffeine addiction and my self destructing coffee machine (a long story, which might be worthy of a seperate blog post). I missed the next session to get a fix.

Duncan Reilly was talking branding in the digital age, it got me thinking about why I blog as NickCowie.com. Yes it invades my personal space, but only as much as I let it and in return I get a raised personal profile. The main disadvantage is it would be difficult to sell, my profile, unlike blogging under a pseudonym.

A quick lunch, a few snippets of conversation and it was back to the sessions.

I refuse to blog on political matters (I have a post titled Internet filtering and NetAlert sitting in my drafts folder, which is unlikely to ever get published.), but I went to the session, by Stilgherrian on the federal election and web 2.0, because I have an interest in the topic. Political parties with the exception on a certain senator from queensland, do not get web 2.0, neither does none of the major media outlets. It is not the YouTube election, it is the election of big political parties putting up videos on YouTube to get free television coverage.

One thing that surprised me, was the number of people shocked that activists from either party might use web based social networking to influence voters. I would be suprised if that did not happen in the last 4 years or more in the US and it should be happening now in Australia.

It was good to see both Josef Goebbels (by Stilgherrian) and Che Guevara (by Cameron) getting mentioned in presentations at PodCamp. Goebbels because his 19 principles of propaganda are still the principles of every political campaign run in this country for the past 50 years. Guevara because he is icon of revolutionaries, the number of people he had killed did get a mention.

Then I did my session on Social Networking and the mobile web. Unfortunately it ran a little overtime and I missed, the beginning of the final session of the day. Which was from Microsoft’s professional geek Nick Hodge. Nick provided a interesting insight in to blogging inside a corporate culture. (I avoid that by not mentioning work here). It appears to work with a code of ethics, peer pressure and self censorship with Nick and most of his fellow bloggers from Microsoft.

Then it was all over, everybody helped out in quick tidy up and it was of to the pub, to consume the proceeds of the tshirt sales and have a good conversation or three.

The crowd was a little different from the BarCamp crowd, missing were most of the Port80 web geeks. The librarians, educators and bloggers I met at BarCamp where back along with a mix of people from less technical backgrounds than I expected, however, they were as passionate as any hardcore web geek gathering.

It was an interesting day, the surprising thing that after five sessions including one I did, I was not tired, in fact it was a very relaxing way to spend the day. I am not a heavy consumer of podcasts and I believe I have a great voice for silent movies, so I am unlikely to start podcasting soon. So I avoided the hands on sessions and choose the sessions that interested me, I learnt and it got me thinking, which is what I wanted.

7 Responses to “PodCamp Perth 2007”

  1. Simone Says:

    Great post Nick! (and thanks, but there were a few more people involved in organising, and I only got involved towards the end :) )

    Was a great and interesting day, even though I am also not great consumer of podcasts, and don’t plan on starting one myself! And yeah, great conversations and people. But did miss the rest of the port80 crowd a bit.

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  3. Jared Madden Says:

    It was great to meet you at Podcamp Perth. Yes Adam and myself got the Podcamp concept off the ground but when the city was announced we created a much bigger team from local people which we believed would create a better unconference. We were involved all the way through. We did it because we wanted to meet others who are interested in newmedia and social media.

    Adam and myself had three topics we wanted to present but stepped aside to let the locals fill up the spots as there were already enough ‘east coasters’ presenting on the day (which was commented to me at Podcamp). I would have loved to present but totally enjoyed meeting new people and having great conversations about newmedia. Unfortunatly it was easy to miss meeting people with multiple sessions happening at the same time.

    All in all I give the first Podcamp two thumbs up and it was totally worth travelling 4000kms.

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  5. Whitney Says:

    Hi Nick! I am creating a podcamp tumblr blog- would love to have this included- can you send me your rss feed?

    Whitney Hoffman
    Podcamp Boston 2 Organizer

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    […] Simone van Hattem set up a Flickr group for photos from the day. Nick Hodge has some geek stories from some of the participants. Check out other reactions to the day from: Bronwen Clune, Richard Giles, Nick Cowie, Simone van Hatten, Tama Leaver, Nick Hodge, Duncan Riley, Stilgherrian, Cameron Reilly. My personal favourite is the Boomtown Rap (more here). Who is that mystery guy anyway? Update: Ross Buncle. Check out his geek story here. […]

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