A few days after BarCamp Perth 2007, one of the Perth Twitter Mob found the PodCamp Australia and it was passed quickly through the local social network.

At that time the PodCamp site was very bare, there was no information about the people behind the concept, just an About PodCamp page and a sign up page. However, after the buzz of BarCamp Perth 2007 the opportunity for another unconference concentrating on the social side of the web was too good an offer to refuse, especially with somebody else doing the organising. So most of the Perth Twitter Mob, BarCamp Perth 2007 attendees and anybody who we could roundup, registered an interest for PodCamp and voted for it to be held in Perth. Currently Perth is leading Sydney by two to one and Melbourne lagging a distant third.

I am sure people behind PodCamp Australia (now revealed as Jared Madden and Adam Purcell) where expecting a Sydney versus Melbourne duel to host podcamp and this would generate bonus publicity. With Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth thrown into the mix to see if there was support for PodCamp outside the big two cities next year or later.

Instead there was huge vote from people interested in blogging, podcasting, social networking, new media etc. for Perth. You just need to go down to the Brass Monkey on the third Wednesday of each month for the bloggers meetup (and unofficial twitter meetup) to see there is an interest in social media in Perth. There was 25 people on a cold and slightly damp mid week gathering.

Jared and Adam have given until the 17 August for the web capital of Australia, Sydney (ask Cameron Adams) to get the votes to knock Perth of the top. Fortunately for Perth there is UnconfWALib: Library 2.0 On The Loose to generate more votes. So Sydneysiders, you have not got a hope, anyway you have webjam to keep you entertained. For all you Perth people get out and vote now at PodCamp Australia. I guess we will be seeing Jared and Adam soon.


3 Responses to “PodCamp”

  1. Gary Barber Says:

    I heard rumor Podcamp was planned for early September 2007, if so that makes September extremely busy, eh!

  2. Simone Says:

    Ha ha, great post Nick!
    I haven’t even half started promoting this! I have at least 100 active blogs in my feedreader… sure I can get some more votes if needed :D (should be commenting on more of them anyway, many wouldn’t even know there’s a bloggers meetup!)

  3. Jared Madden Says:

    See you soon Perth!! (Who by the way had more votes then the rest of Australia combined)