Port80 in Sydney 26 September

The story as I tell it. About fives years ago when Miles was working as a freelance web developer, he felt isolated from others in the industry. So Miles and a few others set up the Port80 forum and most importantly decided to meet the first Wednesday of each month at a local pub to complain about clients over a few beers.

Since that time Port80 has evolved in AWIA, the WA Web Awards, a few talks by national and international speakers as well helping organise BarCamp Perth and WebJam Perth. Still one of the important events each month is the social get together, where people from various sectors of the web industry (freelancers, employers, employees, educators, students and many more) get together to talk shop.

While I don’t know of any births, death or marriages that Port80 has be responsible for. It has been responsible for a number of people finding jobs, employees and collaborators and giving the Western Australian Web Industry a real sense of community. If you are in Sydney for Web Directions 2007 or any other reason on September 26 then come along for an evening of social networking with web people from around Australia not just WA, talking shop (and complaining about clients;-).


September 26th 2007 6:00pm start
Quarryman’s Hotel
216 Harris St (Cnr. Pyrmont Bridge Rd)
Pyrmont NSW 2009


Free as in pizza (or similar nibbles provided) and beer (which maybe provided by sponsor).

Any questions, head over to the Port80 forums.

3 Responses to “Port80 in Sydney 26 September”

  1. jen Says:

    This is just the type of thing I’m looking for but I won’t be arriving in Sydney till 8pm so by the time I get to the hotel, check-in etc you might all be finished. What do you think?

  2. nick Says:

    Jen, the most likely outcome is we will get thrown out at closing time, Sydney pubs seem to have strange closing times like 10:30pm. And even after that a few will keep on socialising somewhere.

  3. Ajay Ranipeta Says:

    Nick, pubs usually stay open later than 10:30pm for the sydney folks ;P

    Can possibly do a pub crawl if all are keen.