Problems with mobile web – presentation from BarCamp Perth

The presentation went quite well, lots of question and I went well off my notes (will post later) and hopefully there will a podcast available.

The slides, which are mainly images to remind me of what to talk about is a 1.8Mb PDF or on SlideShare


2 Responses to “Problems with mobile web – presentation from BarCamp Perth”

  1. Frances Says:

    Enjoyed your presentation today on mobile web. the whole day with relaxed format was great

  2. Mobile Technology in TAFE » Blog Archive » Importance of going Camping Says:

    […] Nick Cowie did an excellent talk on the Mobile Web.  Some great statistics like the fact fours phones with Internet capability are sold compared to every PC sold. Did a great demonstration of what Web Content designed for a PC looks like on a mobile device. Nick highlighted the fact that if we intend to create content for the mobile web we need to understand the difference between how people use the mobile web compared using the Internet on a PC.  Without understand the fundamental differences we won’t get it right.  They want “a brief, quick user experience‚Ķ, just want core information with minimal content”.  […]