Not dead yet!

It has been awfully quiet round here lately, after Andrew K. and Vicki finally posted after many months of silence, I thought I better do something before it gets that long here. I have not given up blogging I have just been busy with other things.

  • The photoblog, it took a little time to set up, but that was to learn the Sandbox theme for WordPress. it has also taken time to learn the intrancies of web based photosharing services, and find time in my daily schedule to get the photos from the camera, do a little post processing if necessary, upload to flickr or zooomr and write the post. Taking photographs each day is the easy bit and task I am finding increasing enjoyable.
  • Setting up my new MacBook Pro, after four months of using a brick albeit with a nice 1600×1200 screen running Ubuntu, I have finally got a replacement for my trusty Ti PowerBook. It is just taking time to setup, find the right software for the increased workload it has taken on as my primary development machine.
  • Getting ready for my SXSW and IASummit trip, not just organising the trip and the week of mountain biking in Moab between the conferences, but trying to improve my fitness and skill levels for Moab.

4 Responses to “Not dead yet!”

  1. Tuna Says:

    Well it seems across Australia blog wise to gone a little quite, have people done there dash… is this the end… Mind you some people are still holding the flag.

  2. nick Says:

    Yes the man with no blog has been showing us all up with regular posts.

  3. Tuna Says:

    I have slowed a bit… mainly due to working 18 hr days. I have had no time to blog, heaps of material, no time. I suspected this would happen, however I can think of some quick and dirty posts, so all is good.

    I have enjoyed the photo blog… you could do an entire street art segment..

  4. Andrew K. Says:

    “trying to improve my fitness and skill levels for Moab” — What does Month Of Apple Bugs have to do with your fitness? :D