Sydney day 1

After a late arrival yesterday after a QANTAS groundcrew managed to damage the rear cargo door just prior to take off and the resulting two hour delay. As photographs where sent around the globe to QANTAS engineers in Sydney, the Civil Avaition Authority in Canberra and Boeing in Tacoma to get the ok to fly after some panelbeating. Lachlan and Lisa where good enough to pick me up from the airport and deliver me to my hotel, which is great little apartment around the corner from Oz-IA.

First stop today was Pistol Clothing which does tshirt printing on demand. Apparently most Sydney geeks does not know that this service exists. Unfortunately they did not have some of the more exotic colours in my size in stock. So I have to pick up the results on Monday.

Next was Geeks on the Grass in Hyde Park, time to catch up with a few old friends and make some new ones, before getting a quick tour of the museum care of Ajay aka funkycoda.

Next involved Ben sneaking me into a internal News Digital Media presentation on the mobile web. It was good to see such an intelligent approach to the mobile web by a large company. None of this get rich quick that seems to permeate the mobile space. But a balance approach of new opportunities for existing services and the limitations of the mobile web. The other surprise was how many people I know who now work for News Digital Media.

Back to the hotel, before pre dinner drinks with Ajay and Stephen Collins while waiting for Ruth and Gary before heading of to Spice I Am for dinner. The place has an fantastic reputation and it deserves it, the food is truely amazing, I highly recommend eating there at least once when you are in Sydney. I know I will eat there more than once in the next week. If want to see what it looked like keep an eye on Ruth’s and Gary’s aka Tuna flickr stream. Looks like Gary is uploading as I type this.

A final drink with Lindsay Evans, before heading back to the hotel with Ajay so he could look at problems on a web site. And Myles you thought you were they only one who gets help the website is breaking while having a quiet drink late on a Friday night.

2 Responses to “Sydney day 1”

  1. Kay Says:

    Sounds cool, can’t wait to join you next week…

  2. Ajay Ranipeta Says:

    hahaha.. quite detailed aye :P

    Was up till 2:30 fixing it..and then i couldn’t sleep till 4:30am

    you saw how i looked in the morning :)