The social network in your pocket

If you wondered why it has been quiet around here lately, I have spent the last two weeks researching and preparing for my presentation at PodCamp Perth 2007.

While I enjoyed the research and probably did too much. I strongly recommended anybody interested in mobile web usage read Consumers and Convergence (PDF) a worldwide survey carried out by KPMG. I did a decent job of the slides, I don’t think I spent enough time preparing the talk, as a result I wandered off message. However, I delivered the information I wanted to, but probably not with the emphasis I wanted, that:

  • mobile web use is rising rapidly
  • people are visiting social networking websites on their mobiles regularly
  • people in different cultures used their phones and services differently

As usual the presentation ran over time, but that was to be expected. I had hoped for participation in the second half of the presentation. And with Sue and Frances just back from a m-learning conference, it became more of a discussion than a presentation.

3 Responses to “The social network in your pocket”

  1. Podcamp Perth 2007 - Day 1 at Simone van Hattem Says:

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  2. Sue Waters Says:

    I thought your presentation as always was good. “Laughing” we both know why you were guided off track (Sue Waters) – but you did get the message across. The best part about Podcamp and BarCamp is the discussions mixed with the presentation. Was interested to hear your persecutive on the mobile web because Charlie Schlick from Nokia was really into Mobile Lifestyle (notes from his session are here).

  3. Nick Cowie » Podcamp Perth 2007 : The social network in your pocket - the video Says:

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