This blog now with advertising

After Miles’ post about making money blogging and an approach to sell text link advertising on a certain post. I have finally taken the plunge and put advertising on this blog. I know I said I would in last December, well I finally did it. Some advertising might also appear in my RSS feeds, so be warned.

This is really an experiment to see if what happens, I do not have any great expectations, if it pays for my inexpensive web hosting I will be pleased, if I make enough money to buy lunch once a month I will be happy. If it does not I will not be disappointed.

As I said in Blog whore or not one of the reasons for putting advertising on this blog is to give casual users more confidence in this blog because they know what is in it for me.

One of the fun things is seeing what ads Google places on what blog posts, most are relevant, some not:

I will let you know how things go, and if any of the advertising annoys you let me know.

9 Responses to “This blog now with advertising”

  1. Miles Burke Says:

    Well done Nick! Maybe when you’re raking in the dollar here and there, we’ll go a lunch, and pay the bill thanks to Adsense. :)

  2. Gary Barber Says:

    So now you have gone and done it. Flipped the switch and slid into the semi commercial zone. It will be interesting to see how you go.

  3. Mr Speaker Says:

    Certainly a tough choice I reckon. I was considering the same thing, but decided that for the pittance I’d make from google, I’d rather have an ad free space on the internet. I remember being amazed as a (relative) youngster when the internet emerged from BBSs. If I was a youngster now, I think advertising would have completely put me off computers. Perhaps I’d be doing something useful!

  4. Sue Waters Says:

    Go for it Nick.

    Us that use Google Reader to read your posts are not getting the ads, so to me it is WIN:WIN. Do we all get to come for lunch?


  5. Graham Says:

    Mate, the Paris Hilton ads would have come from the word ‘whore’, not from references to Jeremy Keith.

  6. Kay Says:

    It will be interesting to see how you go. I don’t mind ads as long as they’re not in your face – everyone deserves to make a buck or two – but in my experience tech blogs are a dead zone when it comes to AdSense. Geeks just don’t click ads. If you have enough traffic, textlinkads may work for you though, because they don’t rely on people clicking on them.

  7. shopping Says:

    I think that there is advertising everywhere on the Internet, and while it may be a tough decision as to whether or not to consciously include it on your site, I think that many times we have to think about what we would do. I mean, some people may not like the advertising links up on the page or they may find them offensive; however, you had a site that was popular enough to draw advertisers in. So, my question is then, why not make money off of them? If I had a page that was popular enough that someone would actually want to pay for advertising on it, I would totally go ahead and let them. That is just the way I look at things, though. I don’t think you can go anywhere without seeing ads, not even when you pay to go and see a movie, so I say bravo to you for making something off them.

  8. pet portraits Says:

    I used to think that putting ads on blogs is one dirty scheme in the world of online business. But my mentor said that everyone does it thus it is a valid and definitely a legal scheme of making money online. As long as ads are put on the right place, they won’t mess up with the post or content of the blog.

  9. oil painting from photo Says:

    I’ve read somewhere that WP are now encouraging their theme-makers to avoid putting ads on their themes. What can you say about this?