UnconfWALib: Library 2.0 On The Loose

I really enjoyed BarCamp Perth 2007 and am looking forward to the next one. Well I getting involved in the next local unconference UnconfWALib. It would be a little hard to avoid, it is at my place of work, it is about technology I am passionate about and hopefully will involve a lot of people I work with.

So why would I not want to be involved. I have volunteered to do a presentation on the mobile web, it will be more like the presentation I gave at Port80 in April than BarCamp. Talking more about how and why people use the mobile web that the technical problems of building sites for mobile phone.

As well as providing an alternative network that the restricted (ie you can not connect a non-approved computer) DCA network, it will not be fancy but it should work.

The blurb

Feel passionate or curious about new library approaches, want to share it with a group of like minded librarians? Come to participate in discussion and presentations about new definitions of content, new definitions of library collections and new ways that we can get out of our buildings to serve our customers where they are.

DATE: Friday 3 August

TIME: 9:30am – 5pm

WHERE: State Library of Western Australia, Great Southern Room 4th Floor

AFTERWARD: 6pm – late , Annalakshmi on the Swan, 1st Floor – Western Pavilion, Barracks Square (Between Jetty No. 4 & No. 5), Perth

An unconference works on the principle that whoever turns up is the right person and whatever you discuss is the right thing. People prepare topics, but sessions are decided on the day. Everyone is expected to participate by either presenting, joining in the discussion or doing another job.

To get involved:

  1. Go to the http://unconferencewalibrary.pbwiki.com/Register registration site.
  2. Then, go to the http://unconferencewalibrary.pbwiki.com/What-is-happening-on-the-day What is happening on the day page of the wiki and edit it to suggest a topic for discussion, volunteer to give a presentation or do a job.

The event is FREE, but you MUST REGISTER. Tea. coffee, bikkies and a pizza lunch are all provided. You will need to pay for dinner. This unconference is supported by the State Library of Western Australia, Murdoch University Library, Curtin University Library and ALIA West, but is facilitated by an independent group of volunteers.

For more details, visit the UnconfWALib wiki


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