WDS07 day 1 part 1

One of the problems attending WDS07 is finding the time to blog, With all the presentations and socialising, I am not getting enough time to sleep let alone blog. So here is a quick post of the first 24 hours or so, written in bursts between sessions.

Sydney Port80 meet

This was a fun evening at the Quarryman’s Hotel. with around 35 geeks from all round Australia, which took over the local triva night and won. The socialising continue late into the night.

A few hours of sleep later it was time to head down to the convention centre to help out by handing out conference satchels.

Rashmi Sinha

After John Alsopp’s great conference introduction. We had a keynote from Rashmi on social networking. While it was a interesting talk, it was a pale comparision of her 10 lessons from the design of SlideShare given at Oz-IA.

Andy Clarke

Andy gave a visually stunning presentation on what web designers can learn from comic books. Definitely got me thinking about how I build web pages.

Justin French

Justin had a tough task following Andy Clarke and competing with Cameron Adams. The presentation was not not what I was expecting with Pushing beyond design, which was all about designers moving on from the design space, starting with Justin&8217;s personal history. While not being a designer the presentation was a little of target, but there was some nuggets for me.

Sebastian Chan

This was the presentation I was most looking forward to. The PowerHouse museum is one of most interesting and advanced website amongst Australian Government Institutions. I learnt a lot about their process and a little about how it was done.

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