Web Directions North

You will see some advertising for Web Directions North around this blog, the reason is that one lucky person who promotes WDN08 on their site will win a free ticket to WDN08, accommodation and airfares. Seeing I hope to go to SXSW this time, winning this is the only way I get to Vancouver next year.

OK I have done the commercial disclosure bit, so why am I interested in going, well in addition to the fun socializing bit, in the speaker lineup we have Jeffrey Zeldman and Tara Hunt. I just want to see Zeldman speak. Tara delivered a really interesting keynote presentation at GOVIS in NZ entitled Government 2.0 architecting for collaboration,
slides video, blog post with links to video embedded in presentation. Yes I am a fan of that presentation and even though I have seen the video a couple of times, I want to see it live and also see how it has evolved over a year.

In addition Tara and Chris Messina are delivering a full day workshop The Enterprise & Government in the 2.0 era: what’s next?, this is a workshop I really want to attend (Maxine are you listening, any chance of Tara and Chris for WDS08?). Like most Web Direction workshops I have attended in the past, I expect that if I attend, I will know most of morning session as they generally ease people less familiar with the subject matter into the groove. It is the gems in the afternoon sessions and the chance to discuss the material with other attendees that is of great value to me. And in Australia, when will you get the chance to discuss Government 2.0 with others trying or thinking about implementing it.

One Response to “Web Directions North”

  1. Tara Hunt Says:

    Thanks Nick! I look forward to hanging with you in Vangroovy! :)