Web Directions Photo Meme

So Miles has tagged me with Web Directions Photo Meme to celebrate less than a month to go to Web Directions South 2007, that there are more digital cameras than people attending these events and to prove that I actually attended in the past and had a very good time doing so as well as a slightly cool, crazy and sometimes schmoozy time.

So I will tag Andrew_K, Ben 200ok and a youthful Tim aka Toolman Tim

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4 Responses to “Web Directions Photo Meme”

  1. Andrew K. Says:

    Hehe, thanks Nick, but my broken little corner of the internet is staying post-free until I get around to finishing the zend framework version I’ve been tinkering with.

    See you next month!

  2. nick Says:

    Andrew_K, note I did not even mention your almost forgotten corner of the internet or when it was last updated.
    I tagged you because even though I have taken a camera to WE05 and WD06, the only discernible output was that video of you and Andy.
    Now Miles has decreed that videos should not be part of the meme, something to do with a couple of dubious videos of him at WD06 ;-)
    Will see you next month.

  3. Velvet Unravelled » Blog Archive » Web Directions South 2007 Photo meme Says:

    […] Update 10:38am: Gary also pointed out that Nick Cowie tagged Andrew. Nick informed me that Andrew isn’t playing, so I tag Mr Darren Wood. […]

  4. Ben Buchanan Says:

    Whew, done! http://weblog.200ok.com.au/2007/09/web-directions-photo-meme.html

    I haven’t tagged specific people, although I have pinged Andrew K ;)