Web-sledging now on YouTube

Thanks to GreenGuy, my moment of glory/infamy from WebJam Perth is now on YouTube.

Rumour is the slides and audio from video will be combined for better looking presentation.

2 Responses to “Web-sledging now on YouTube”

  1. Miles Burke Says:

    ..and I still appreciate being a target of said sledging. Good work, Nick, keep us all honest.

  2. Mobile Technology in TAFE » Blog Archive » STOP, LOOK, THINK - What Is Material Really Going To Look Like on A Mobile Device Says:

    […] This video  might HELP you form your own opinion on designing text based material for mobile devices used for mlearning (mobile learning).  In it Nick Cowie demonstrates why you need to design mobile specific websites for mobile phones in his humorous WebSledge for Perth WebJam. While Nick’s video is based on mobile phones the same principles apply to all mobile devices.  Thanks to Nick Cowie for giving me permission to use his Slides and letting me create this video, and Stewart Greenhill for letting me use his audio to create this video. […]