WebJam Sydney

My second WebJam was interesting event. Held after WDS07 on a Saturday evening, in front of a couple hundred people. What was interesting was the line up of speakers. The biggest surprise for me was the limited number of local speakers, there was three international speakers Andy Clarke, Aaron Gustafson and Chaals from Opera, add to that the WA contigent of me and Myles and you had I think 9 locals.

The average quaility of presentations was a little more polished than in Perth. None was truely stunning, I had hoped Andy would walk on stage to the theme from Ocean’s eleven. The content of presentations was interesting Dimitry deserved to win with Optimus. Myles Eftos answered some Ruby on Railers prayers with AJAX based frontend to the Ruby on Rails debugger and finished second, just ahead of the guys from Digital Eskimo and their community campaign about changes to the NSW licensing laws Raise the Bar!

My presentation, 7 ways to improve your WebJam presentation was conceived a couple weeks before WebJam, written on the flight to Sydney the week before, with the polishing up and slides creation done while sitting in the pub watching the AFL grand final a few hours before WebJam.

I convinced Lachlan that due to my reputation as a WebSledger, I needed to go on first, I didn’t want to sledge any of my fellow presenters, plus I didn’t want to break rule 1 don’t drink before going on stage. Though I don’t know if was a good idea, as Laurel took my advice about humour and added a really bad joke to her presentation. The aim of my presentation was to get people to think about how they present a little more and get some new people WebJamming, because it is fun and addictive. Now to think of something to present at the next WebJam Perth. It is December, Lachlan?

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  1. Gary Barber Says:

    Oh just don’t remind me, Podcamp then Webjam a week later! what was I thinking!