I would like to thank the people who voted for me. I never thought I win a prize or generate a new word to describe my type of presentation web-sledging. The main aim of my presentation was to entertain the audience, and hopefully get them thinking about how any new sites they develop will look in mobile browsers. Yes I did websledge by demonstrating the problems of mobile web on sites created by people I knew would be in the audience (and sorry if I did not pick on your site I only had 3 minutes). I hope it was taken in way intended, all in good fun.

Seriously, WebJam was great, thanks to Lachlan, Myles, Lisa, Tim, everyone at AWIA, Microsoft and everyone else involved. The presentations where great I have Lichen Webmail and Kromes bookmarked for future reference. Will hassle Myles to get a CTR (Canvas Text Replacement) Think SIFR but using VML (IE) or SVG (every body else) instead of Flash. And start using Scouta more, just to see the 3D visualisation.

My only question, can I has another WebJam soon

One Response to “WebJam”

  1. Gary Barber Says:

    Tsk, tsk No one it taking my non-scraperable text seriously, its a leading edge technique. :(