Websledge the improved version

Sue of Mobile Tech­no­logy in TAFE of has taken my Web­Jam slide show added audio from Greenguy’s video and com­bined them to pro­duce a much improved ver­sion of my present­a­tion without me boun­cing around the stage. The res­ult­ing dis­cus­sion is interesting.

For the latecomers to this series of posts

This was the present­a­tion I gave at Web­Jam Perth. If you haver never heard of Web­Jam, it is slam down ver­sion of a Bar­Camp, any­body can speak on almost any web related topic for a max­imum of 3 minutes in bar in front of 100 or so web geeks just after happy hour fin­ished, At then end of the even­ing, every­body gets to SMS vote for their favour­ite presentation/s. ie it is great fun

The talk which was far from ser­i­ous. It was aimed at get­ting the local web developer com­munity to think about how the web­sites they build are rendered by mobile devices. The examples used, where either cre­ated by mem­bers of the audi­ence or the event’s spon­sors web­sites, And it was suc­cess­ful, with the feed­back I got on the night and the next few days.

3 Responses to “Websledge the improved version”

  1. Sue Waters Says:

    I am glad you liked this ver­sion — I really loved the ver­sion that Stew­art did but wanted to show­case what the mobile devices looked liked and they were not so view­able. How­ever I do miss not see­ing you walk around the stage. You are miss­ing your true call­ing in life — pub­lic speaker.

    I really do appre­ci­ate you help­ing out on mobile web — it has been good see­ing this mak­ing people think about where mobiles are at and what the future might hold. Good to see that the Min­is­ter for Pod­cast­ing, Second Life and Mobile Web are work­ing hard at it.


  2. The Not So Secret Life of Simone and Pascal » Blog Archive » WebJam en Web Awards Says:

    […] Eerst was op woens­dag Web­Jam, waar mensen present­aties konden geven van 3 minuten over iets waaraan ze gew­erkt hebben op het web. Dat kon grap­pig zijn, interess­ant zijn, of mooi zijn. Een leuke avond in de Vel­vet Lounge in Mt Law­ley. Vrijdag was het alle­maal wat offi­cieler (nou ja, zo begon het…. ), de WA Web Awards, in het Dux­ton Hotel. Een black tie event, met diner enz. Wij had­den geen kans op een award (voor enjoyperth dus), voor­namelijk omdat ik het maar vreemd vond om mezelf te nom­ineren. Ja, ik heb er spijt van, was goede pub­li­citeit geweest, ook al had­den we niet gewonnen! De avond eindigde in de Amp­li­fier Bar. Was een grap­pig gezicht, wij in formele kled­ing dansen tussen alle ‘nor­male’ lui! […]

  3. Lachlan Hardy Says:

    This is very cool, Nick. I love it!