Websledge the improved version

Sue of Mobile Technology in TAFE of has taken my WebJam slide show added audio from Greenguy’s video and combined them to produce a much improved version of my presentation without me bouncing around the stage. The resulting discussion is interesting.

For the latecomers to this series of posts

This was the presentation I gave at WebJam Perth. If you haver never heard of WebJam, it is slam down version of a BarCamp, anybody can speak on almost any web related topic for a maximum of 3 minutes in bar in front of 100 or so web geeks just after happy hour finished, At then end of the evening, everybody gets to SMS vote for their favourite presentation/s. ie it is great fun

The talk which was far from serious. It was aimed at getting the local web developer community to think about how the websites they build are rendered by mobile devices. The examples used, where either created by members of the audience or the event’s sponsors websites, And it was successful, with the feedback I got on the night and the next few days.

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3 Responses to “Websledge the improved version”

  1. Sue Waters Says:

    I am glad you liked this version – I really loved the version that Stewart did but wanted to showcase what the mobile devices looked liked and they were not so viewable. However I do miss not seeing you walk around the stage. You are missing your true calling in life – public speaker.

    I really do appreciate you helping out on mobile web – it has been good seeing this making people think about where mobiles are at and what the future might hold. Good to see that the Minister for Podcasting, Second Life and Mobile Web are working hard at it.


  2. The Not So Secret Life of Simone and Pascal » Blog Archive » WebJam en Web Awards Says:

    […] Eerst was op woensdag WebJam, waar mensen presentaties konden geven van 3 minuten over iets waaraan ze gewerkt hebben op het web. Dat kon grappig zijn, interessant zijn, of mooi zijn. Een leuke avond in de Velvet Lounge in Mt Lawley. Vrijdag was het allemaal wat officieler (nou ja, zo begon het…. ), de WA Web Awards, in het Duxton Hotel. Een black tie event, met diner enz. Wij hadden geen kans op een award (voor enjoyperth dus), voornamelijk omdat ik het maar vreemd vond om mezelf te nomineren. Ja, ik heb er spijt van, was goede publiciteit geweest, ook al hadden we niet gewonnen! De avond eindigde in de Amplifier Bar. Was een grappig gezicht, wij in formele kleding dansen tussen alle ‘normale’ lui! […]

  3. Lachlan Hardy Says:

    This is very cool, Nick. I love it!