2020 Summit

For those Australians that missed it, the Prime Minister announced the 2020 Summit. Which is aimed at getting Australia’s 1000 brightest minds to Canberra to discuss the long term future of Australia.

My concern is that we get the right people to represent use and point Australia in the right direction. In past often the noisiest not the best were chosen for these events. Plus you need to find your own way to Canberra and provide your own accommodation makes it difficult for those without an employer with a vested interested. However, there has already been action by the blogsphere to get some of Australia’s brightest technology people invited. So go visit 2020 Summit community site and find out more, meanwhile I am off to vote for Mark Pesce, Laurel Papworth, Chris Saad, Stephen Collins, Stilgherrian, Cameron Reilly, (need a couple of good lefties) Duncan Riley, Bronwen Clune and Myles Eftos at Bloggerati because in my opinion these are the best thinkers regarding the future of the internet in Australia.

3 Responses to “2020 Summit”

  1. Myles Eftos Says:

    Awww, shucks. Thanks Nick – although I think Mark is the man for the job. His thoughts never fail to amaze me.

  2. Stephen Collins Says:

    Hey, Nick. Chuffed to see that you rate me as a thinker in this space. Thanks. Plus, I’m more than happy to throw in my lot with the lefties!

  3. Jim Says:

    For the rest of the 20,699,000 people not invited to the 2020 Summit, I created a wiki called Oz Ideas (http://ozideas.wetpaint.com) to be our forum to list and vote on the best ideas to improve Australia. It’s free. It can be anonymous, and I’m not doing it to make money. I just think teachers, tradies, and techies probably have just as good ideas for this country than the experts, so the site acts as a national online brainstorming session.

    Since the public often needs a bit of entertainment to go with their public engagement, I created a fun video on Youtube of Kevin Rudd break dancing. It’s at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQZa17-Dt_4. See what you think.