A few changes happening around here

If you happen to be reading this post through my website, you might notice a few changes. Which should be hopefully be the first of many, it is time I dragged this blog out of 2006, the last time I did any major changes into 2008.

Find Me On

The easy way to find me on the social networking services I regularly use.

Add a comment on FriendFeed

I am using FriendFeed more and more, and this is a way of capturing comments there and to let people who use FriendFeed comment here.


When I set this blog up three years ago, I set up a FeedBurner account, but after reading their terms and conditions at the time and not understanding their revenue model, I did not make use of the service. With hindsight it would of been great to use them and have feed statistics. However, now the features of a FeedBurner feeds give me good reason to use then.

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