A matter of timing

Yesterday, I finally posted on ENABLEnet, the free wifi at the State Library. I did mention that it had been reliable and asked for feedback on your experiences. Well guess what, today it had problems. This morning it was a little erratic in handing out IP addresses. For 15 minutes I had problems getting an IP address for either my MacBook Pro, Ipod touch or Dopod 838pro. Well suddenly it sprang back into life and I was getting an IP and connection on all three devices.

Another 15 minutes later and a client was having problems, Same issue, no IP address, a quick bit of testing on my three devices same results and I was thinking power supply on the uplink was causing it usual infrequent problems. Then suddenly I was getting IP addresses but no login page. A quick call to Acure Technology the providers of the service (and MetroMesh) and I found out that it was a major system problem, affecting not only ENABLEnet, but MetroMesh as well.

The problem had not been resolved by the time I finished work, but I am hopeful it will be fixed soon, I will keep you all updated. Though I blame the excessive rain Perth is getting right now. We are heading for the wettest April on record.

It was fixed in the late afternoon, an event beyond the State Library’s and Acure Technology’s control, a catastrophic failure of a power supply on a switch at a downstream ISP.

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