ACMA report into ISP level filtering

The ACMA last week released a report into the ISP level filtering. I have been spending to much time on FriendFeed communicating with Americans and missed the release of this report. Note to self, open your feed reader more often.

I have managed to keep quiet on internet censorship, mainly because others like Stilgherrian have been doing a good job of providing unbiaised information on the issues. Then I tried to read what was attempting to masquarade as a through scientific report, is was too much.

A few examples

In comparing methods of circumventing filtering by others (children) in the household, at the PC level the report mentions administrator access to the filter software. Unfortunately the report fails to mention that the ISP filtering service can be altered by the account holder using a passowrd, logging in their ISP and changing the settings.

The testing was carried out in Tasmania. Unfortunately internet traffic to and from Tasmania is very expensive. So large investments in proxy and caching servers are used, which would make the mythical tier 3 ISP used for the tests having considerabley more hardware at their disposable than a typical mainland tier 3 ISP

Though I must admit my favourite disaster is the moving of strong M material from category 3 material that should not be blocked to category 2 material that should be blocked. Did the testers decided this content which legally should be available, should be blocked because they know better than the censors or because it gave them better results.

This is not an unbiased scientific report, this is a report to serve a purpose to show that ISP level filtering has improved. Even taking it on face value, it has not improved enough to implement on a national level and I can not take the report on face value.

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    These are the rights that young people should have, but in reality, they do not. ,