BarCamp Perth 2.0

After the buzz of last year barcamp in Perth and hearing so much about the recent Barcamp Sydney 3 and the initial Barcamp Canberra, I am so looking forward to another barcamp in Perth.

Well my prayers have been answered. BarCamp Perth 2.0 is on May 10 at Central TAFE, 140 Royal St, East Perth. Over 50 people have already registered and a few presentation topics nominated.

I nominated to do a presentation on presentation planning. This came about after a twitter conversation when I mentioned work was sending me on an one day training course. This surprised a few people, because they believe my presentation skills were good, well they got better. While most of the training course covered areas I knew well and even disagreed with. My eyes were opened in the planning section of the course. This is what I hope to pass on to people attending my presentation and hopefully give people confidence to do presentations for BarCamp Perth 3.0. Seriously folks, giving a presentation is not difficult, especially if you plan well.

Also if anybody wants me to give a second presentation at BarCamp Perth 2.0 on a different, let me know, I still have some planning time.

3 Responses to “BarCamp Perth 2.0”

  1. Gary Barber Says:

    I would just like the full version of the presentation not the 10 minutes presentation + 10 minutes discussion ( = 20 minutes) :)

  2. Ruth Ellison Says:

    I wish I could head back to Perth for this, but with a trip back to Perth planned for September, I can’t make it to Perth for BarCamp (why can’t flights be cheaper!). This sounds like a good presentation. Will the slides be up on slideshare after BarCamp?

  3. Nick Says:

    Ruth, yes flight costs, I would of liked to made it to BarCamp Canberra. The presentations looked great, but alas the cost of flights inside Australia.

    My slides, will go on to slideshare, however, my slides are usually only talking points and you will get around 10 fairly minimal slides from me for a 20 or 30 minute talk.