This blog has been pimped

I was hoping for a quiet night watching the Tour De France, checking FriendFeed occasionally. I was surprised to see Duncan Riley posted 70 fresh blogs for your Feed Reader on Inquisitr and in the OPML file is the feed for this blog and the feed for my side project So I thought I better pull a Louis Gray and write a blog post in 20 minutes thanking Duncan for the plug.

So Duncan thank you for the plug. I did not expect this to happen, when I added my two RSS feeds to Duncan’s FriendFeed post, requesting blog post feeds of his friends and friends of friends. I might be shameless self promoter, but not on this scale.

So if you are reading my blog for the first time, welcome. I will try to post more regularly, though I have made that promise before. At the moment I tend to write about social networks, because that is what I am interested in as well as well as front end web development.

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