Captioning Sucks

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Up until a couple of years ago, I mistakenly believed that captioning was just a souped up version of subtitling. I was very wrong.

I learnt a lot about captioning working with a hearing impaired colleague to arrange captioning of a work video, a few years ago.

One of the main issues is there is no standard or even code of practise for captioning in Australia. Back then there was regulations (now legislation) on the amount of television that must be captioned, but nothing on the quality of captioning.

In 2004 the Deafness Forum of Australia started campaigning for improved quality of captioning and produced a Captioning Quality Code of Practice. While this appeared to gain some traction initially within the industry. 3 years later little seems to of changed, a quick visit to the free to air TV peak group, fails to find any mention of captioning (except a technical document on how to caption).

Joe Clark and others in the Open and Closed Project have started Captioning Sucks to try and get people to understand the problems with captioning and make some changes. Hopefully this will extend outside of North America.

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