Conference Time

It is that time of the year again, I am off to four conferences, three in Sydney and a number of social occasions in the next 11 weeks.

First up is OZIA, on the 20 & 21 September. I am really looking forward to this one, I have enjoyed the past two OZIAs and they have been real learning experiences for me.

Then it is of to Web Direction South on 25 & 26 September, though before that I could attend Web 2.0 Executive Bootcamp, unless somebody needs it more than me. If you are a manager or leader in government or business and are looking at adopting Web 2.0 tools and practices in your business and happen to be in Sydney on 23 September, head over to Incentive redux – free pass to Web 2.0 Executive Bootcamp and tell Stephen why. The only competition for the free ticket at the moment is me and if you beat me out, there will be no hard feelings, I am no executive.

On the evening of 24 September there is Port 80 Sydney and 25 September there is Aussie TUB which clashed with WebJam, bugger. The last couple of Web Directions, have been more of a social events with a dash of inspiration and couple of presentations that made my think and I don’t expect this year will be different.

3 weeks later I am back in Sydney for the MySource Matrix User Conference on October 16 & 17. This time I am presenting, it will be a quick run down of the forthcoming State Library of WA website, the details on it’s information architecture including the process and decisions involved as well as the features of MySource Matrix used to achieve the result. As with most conferences, the really interesting conversations are between the sessions and at the end of the day. What should be more interesting than last year, is more people will be doing show and tell on their MySource Matrix websites.

Then is back to Perth for Edge of the Web on November 6. A fully fledged web conference in my home town. I am not sure exactly what to expect. I have seen most of the presenter in action before and they are all good, the schedule requires some tough decisions and it will be a good conference. I hope it has that buzz that happened at Web Essentials 05 or OZIA 2007 that will make it a special conference.

If you happen to be at any of these conferences or social events, then come up and say Hi, I am not that difficult to spot, I do look like my profile photo/avatar and being a shameless self promoter you should be able to spot my crumpler or that tshirt I don’t bite, honest.

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