Confessions of a blank generation alpha geek

Blank Generation

It started a couple of weeks beek reading Nathanael B’s post on Gen Y workers in the Gen X workplace. I thought I better check that I was Gen X before commenting, so off to the authority of wikipedia.

However, depending on what article I read on wikipedia I was Gen X, a Baby Boomer or member of the 12th Generation, which was called Lost Generation one week on Wikipedia only to be replace by an americanisation with Generation Jones this week. Personally I show a mix of Gen X and Gen Y characteristics, but I am a little older, so I will settle to tag Richard Hell gave our generation the Blank Generation.

And Nathanael if you thought working in a Gen X environment was a culture shock, one of my first jobs in the public sector was working in a discreet section, where the boss and the two other senior staff, including my supervisor, started working for when the left the armed forces after WWII, and where still there 40 years later. It would of been a shock for young baby boomer in the sixties to go to work in that office, so you imagine what is was like for me in eighties.

Alpha Geek

I never considered myself to on the bleeding edge of technology. For the last eight years or so, I have been a skilled front end web developer keeping up with the lastest developments and a little bit of Mac geek. But that was about it, up until three years ago, I did not own a mobile phone, my only connection to the internet was dial up and I did not blog and rarely used IM.Over the last three years, I have increased my use of technology and technology services, particularly in the mobile space to the level where I am seeking on new technology and services, like the last couple of weekends exploring services like Plurk, BrightKite and

The real tipping point came a week ago on the train into work, for the 28 minute journey, I am usually connected and using the net either via the 3G card modem in my MacBook Pro or via my phone. The train stopped prior to entering a station, waiting for the train in front to clear the platform, not an unusual occurrence. But this time it was in a tunnel and I was left without a net connection, for a few minutes.

It was then I realised I just expect to be always connected to the net. At work and home, there is always a computer connected and wifi for my laptop and other devices, out and about I have my 3G modem card and phone. In that tunnel I just felt disconnect from the world.

So I have willing tagged myself a blank generation alpha geek until I technology gets away from me.

3 Responses to “Confessions of a blank generation alpha geek”

  1. NathanaelB Says:

    Losing Net connectivity is a bit like Matrix Reloaded when Neo is in the train station even after being unplugged from the Matrix … half of you is in the real world, half online. You’re only half a person without connectivity :-)

  2. Gary Barber Says:

    Nick you may know how close this echoes to my own feelings..

    Whenever we go bush it’s become harder and harder to leave the net behind. It’s like I’m just not connected to life without it.

    The labeling of “our” generation is a hard thing. I don’t consider myself a baby boomer. Maybe GenX. It is amazing how much we take for granted our level of techno-immersion however.

  3. Ruth Ellison Says:

    I agree with Gary and you. I’ve been finding it harder and harder to travel anywhere without mobile broadband. It’s particularly difficult when we travel to little towns that have no access. I dislike the “I’ve lost touch with the world!” feeling.