FAUC (Future AUstralian Carrier) Interest Group

A lot of Australian are unimpressed with the offerings of three telcos offering iPhones in Australia. All the plans are heavy on telephony and light on mobile data. The exception are the Optus who are offering low telephony, moderate data plans. For $39 a month you get 500Mb of data + $34 worth of calls, but to get a 1Gb you need to pay $99 a month. On the other hand for $39 a month you get 5Gb from Optus on their mobile data plan.

So Brian Ballsun-Stanton and Mark Pesce have created FAUC (Future AUstralian Carrier) Interest Group on Facebook, with the aim of gathering a group of supporters for a new mobile carrier in Australia. A Co-Op, run by the users and for the users, which is designed to offer data pricing plans that reflect real network charges.

So what are you waiting for, go sign up now.

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