Goodbye Newsgator, hello Feedly

In the past few days since it’s release Feedly has been generating a huge buzz, a quick look for Feedly on Summize(Twitter search engine) gives you an idea of the impact this extension for Firefox 3 has had on early adopters in that time.

Up until the beginning of this year, I was using Bloglines as my feed reader. I had experimented with a number of online feed readers, including Google Reader, but I stuck with Bloglines because I preferred it’s interface, despite it’s shortcomings. And I needed an online feed reader as I used different devices to read feeds.

Then Newsgator started giving it’s feed readers away and they could synchronise with Newsgator Online. So I quickly installed Feed Demon on my work and home PC, NetNewsWire on my Mac and NewsGator Go on my mobile. Despite different UI for different devices, I was relatively happy until Feedly was released to coincide with the release of FireFox 3.

Feedly is not a huge step forward in feed reading UI, I am still coming to grips with the magazine influenced layout. It is not available for my mobile, so I am having to go back to Google Reader for the mobile. The big change is feed recommendations. That was available already with Google Reader, but only for people whose email was in my Gmail address book.

Feedly goes beyond that small circle, adding all my friends on Twitter or FriendFeed who use Google Reader and then providing recommendations from their friends. I am now getting recommendations from a couple hundred of people.

So that is why I am now I huge fan of Feedly and are not going back, recommendations. At some stage, I would like to be able to block some friends of friends, I have some strange friends and they have even stranger friends who read really weird feeds.

So make you feed reading more social by checking out Feedly and if you do and your are not one of my Twitter or FriendFeeds friends, you will have to wait a couple of weeks to see what strange feeds my friends read.

3 Responses to “Goodbye Newsgator, hello Feedly”

  1. Edwin Khodabakchian Says:

    Thanks for the review. We are early in our dev cycle and look forward to your suggestion on how to better polish and improve the concept.

    Re: filtering out friend of friends, would you like to see that in everywhere or on the wall page only?

  2. Nick Says:

    Hi Edwin,
    I would like to filter out friends of friends from the wall (both the wall page and what’s new).
    Another feature request would be to clean up the duplicate of articles in the wall. Often I have the same article appearing a number of times, often one after another. I would be better in my opinion to say recommend by name and X number of friends.

  3. Edwin Khodabakchian Says:

    Both suggestions are really good. If you have not already done it, could you please post these suggestions to so that we can track them down and make sure that they get implemented shortly?
    Thank you,