Government agencies and social media strategies

I have started writing a series of posts on Government agencies and social media strategies over on my other blog. The first Why government agencies need a social media strategy was written last week. The second is a rather dry look at the workings of Social Media Strategy and Social Media Policy in Government was posted tonight. The third on the less dry How to get your agency interested in a Social Media Strategy, should be arrive in a few days, I just need to find the right examples.

The examples I am seeking are not of government agencies using social media, but social media about government agencies, so if you know of any blogs, facebook groups etc about government agencies and their policies by clients, citizens or ex-employees, please let me know.

Why am I writing about Social Media Strategy and Government. I am the first to admit I am not an expert social media strategist. However, I do know a lot about social media and I have spent close to a dozen years working in the policy and communications sections of various government departments, so I have a good understanding of Government Communications Strategy. That combination is rare, so I willing to put my opinions out there.

2 Responses to “Government agencies and social media strategies”

  1. Ruth Ellison Says:

    You probably know about Craig’s blog but if not, try eGov AU. It’s not just a social media blog – it’s about all things Government.

  2. Justin Avery Says:

    How do you think Twitter would go if introduced into Government Agencies?

    In the past I’ve seen good social networking ideas torn down due to the misuse of the tools. Have you had any issues in overcoming staff dwindling their time on new technologies in the wrong way?