My way home meme

Ben tagged me with the my way home meme, and being busy last week, I ignored my feed reader until the weekend. I had originally thought I should do it in reverse, take the photos on my way to work and reverse them, because I start work late and return home late in the dark at this time of year. I also chose to take the photos on Monday, which was one of the few stormy days of the year and instead of riding my pushbike to the train station, I took the bus. So here is my trip home on a stormy winter night.

out the front door

Straight out the front door of the State Library, that is the Art Gallery straight ahead, with the train station almost directly behind it.

horseshoe bridge

400m in, I take the long way round to my platform, walking along the Horseshoe Bridge, so I get a cigarette on my walk.

waiting for the train

1km in waiting for the 5:35pm train to Mandurah. I like to catch this train because it is one of the few 6 carriage trains to Mandurah, so I always get a seat and don’t get crushed by commuters getting on the next stop.

on the train

5km in, the train trip home, 28 minutes of my time, with headphones on and Mac Book Pro on my lap.

the bus

41km, I usually walk out the train station and turn right, remove my bike from the locker and ride the 2.5km home. Instead I turned left and took the bus, which is 5km or 6km trip and as long as my bike ride. But tonight the bus is the far dryer option.

bus ride

The bus drops me off less than 40m from my house, the rain and lack of light prevented me from taking any more photos.

Meme Rules:

  • Use a simple camera, the simpler the better, hence the use of my Dopod 838pro without the flash.
  • Upload them to flickr or whatever your preference is, but as long as they can be seen through the web,
  • Tag them if you can with “onmywayhomeme”,
  • Blog it and tell the story,
  • Tag your mates. Well I don’t want to tag anybody, Gary, Sarah and Nathanael have already completed the meme and tagged most people I know who would be willing to take on the meme. Though if you wish to complete the meme, please do.

4 Responses to “My way home meme”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Nice work. I’m tempted to undertake this meme myself – I’ll see if I can remember. In terms of simple camera, I think it will have to be my phone.

  2. Alex Says:

    Nice insight into Perth’s public transport system, Nick. How long does the trip take from door to door? I don’t know if I could stand that amount of time on public transport, even with iPod, laptop and net access!

  3. Nick Cowie » On my way home meme take 2 Says:

    […] was visiting the State Library to work on his special project. I decided to have a second go at the On my way home meme. This time a more typical trip home, by train and bike, last […]

  4. Nick Says:

    Alex the door to door trip is roughly 45 minutes. 5 minute walk to train, waiting for a couple of minutes for train, 28 minute train ride, then either 2 minutes wait for bus to leave station and 10 minutes bus ride home or get bike out of locker and ride home in 10 minutes.