On my way home meme take 2

After getting tagged again by Ruth and speaking to Miles who was visiting the State Library to work on his special project. I decided to have a second go at the On my way home meme. This time a more typical trip home, by train and bike, last Friday.

1 library to train station

Leaving the library on a Friday evening, there are always a few people using the free wifi outside the building, as the library closes at 5:30pm on Friday.

2 main platform

I walked through the main part of the station on Friday, I need to go past all the other platforms to get to my train.

3 northern line

While waiting for my train, a train on northern line arrived and the crowd descended on it. The train on the northern line takes a lot more passengers than the southern line at the moment.

I got stopped by a security guard at this stage. asking why I was taking photographs. He was not concerned about security issues, but the privacy of the passengers. I explained I wanted a photo of how crowded the northern line was and that my camera was not likely to take photos that could clearly identify people. I demonstrated that by showing him, the photos I had taken.

4 empty carriage

By comparison, my carriage was almost empty. I was going to demonstrate that with a photograph with a beautiful sunset over the Swan River, but all I got was the reflection off the window. So here is photograph taken a stop earlier. Photos taken, laptop on and headphones on.

5 bike locker

Off the train and time to retrieve my bike from the locker. The flash on the Dopod 838Pro is not that effective, so here is a photo taken earlier in the day.

downhil here

The first part of the ride home is 800m decline down a wide well light road. This photo does not show this interesting obstacles I faced that night, which include two large piles of organic fertiliser on the road’s edge. Each pile was roughly 2m high and 4m in diameter and had a very strong odour. The final obstacle was a burst reticulation pipe, shooting water 4m into the air and covering most the road. So I made an radical detour the wrong way around a roundabout.

7 bush track

The next 600m is a long a crushed limestone track through bushland, that little LED light, gives off enough light to navigate the track at 20kmh, any faster and it gets very interesting.

8 road to cross

The next part of the journey, is to hop a couple of curbs to cross this dual carriageway, 100m along a cycle path, 300m uphill along an unlit road, hop a couple more curbs then I am home.

4 Responses to “On my way home meme take 2”

  1. NathanaelB Says:

    Security guards should be assuring security … not privacy. That’s outside their jurisdiction. Tell him to stick it next time :-)

  2. Miles Burke Says:

    Well done Nick! That’s the version I like. Oh, and I will do this meme one day soon. :)

  3. Ruth Ellison Says:

    Great stuff Nick! I like the Perth trains – it feels so much better than the Sydney ones.
    Brave stuff for cycling in the dark (with LED lighting)!

  4. Nick Says:

    Miles, you can always do my old trick of using a mini tripod and mount your camera to the rear vision mirror (facing forward) and use your remote control to take photos as you drive.

    Ruth, the Perth trains are much newer than the Sydney trains, but at the moment the Perth trains are very crowded. I do have decent lighting for cycling, but I can only mount it on my road bike or my mountain bike. I need to modify the rat bike I use for trip to the station. Also the lighting is worth more that the rat bike, still with those lockers I probably could leave it attached to the bike.