One of Australia’s Top 100 Influential Twitterers

Well for the time being. Monday morning saw a flood of email announcing new followers. I quickly traced it back to Australia’s Top 100 Influential Twitterers. I was surprised to see myself as number 62. Since that time my ranking slowly dropping, as more Australia twitterati are discovered. Currently I am number 85, and probably by the end of the week I will no longer be one of Australia’s Top 100 Influential Twitterers, but that is no loss. I will keep using twitter the way I have been, with a few new followers and friends.

Update 23 Oct 2008 still hanging in there. Here is my Twitter Grade courtesy of Twitter Grader, not great, but I want to converse not broadcast on Twitter.

2 Responses to “One of Australia’s Top 100 Influential Twitterers”

  1. Eugene Says:

    Nice article. Thanks. :) Eugene

  2. Ann Arbor Web Design Says:

    Congrats. I know it makes me feel good when I get in a top list! Even if its just a top commentator list!:)