Opera 9.5 beta for mobile

opera beta 9.5b1 screen shoot

Do you have a Windows Mobile device and are jealous of the Safari Browser on the iPhone? But can not or do not want to get an iPhone, well the latest Opera browser for Windows Mobile 5 or 6 is for you.

It has touch scrolling, zoom by double tapping and great rendering of most sites. Sure it is a beta, a little clunky and appears to have memory issues on my 18 month old Dopod 838pro. But it way more advanced than IE for WM6 or even the current version of Opera Mobile, it is the best browser for WM6.

The biggest change is the interface, it is very iPhone like and it is probably the first on many applications for WM influenced by the iPhone. With some of the more advanced WM phones available from the like of HTC and Samsung, also influenced by the iPhone. The future for WM mobiles is looking good and very iPhone like.

So if you like advanced features like video capture, video calling, FM radio, stereo bluetooth and a wide range of applications, it looks WM mobiles may be an alternative to the iPhone in the future. I just want it now.

One Response to “Opera 9.5 beta for mobile”

  1. RE Mogul Says:

    Opera is finally drawing another line in the sand.

    As of current, there is no more capable browser (client side) for windows mobile. I’ve had the “new” Opera since I got my hands-on a ported release from an overseas HTC phone. Its refreshing to see HTC kickstart Windows Mobile into the iGeneration.

    WM6 badly needs some quality octane, and it may be getting it soon. Word is Windows Mobile will see a full (read modern Flash-Capable) browser by the end of this year (from Microsoft), and a made-over, touch-based Windows Mobile OS by mid 2009.

    WM Smartphone types have waited longer for the iRipple to wash over the community than just about anybody else, but when it hits it will be big.