Presentation Planning the Presentation

Direct from BarCamp Perth2.0, here are the slides, the presentation plan and introduction I used.

  • presentation plan – excel format (11kb)
  • presentation plan – tab delimited text format (1kb)
  • slides – PDF format (1283kb)
  • As I said during the presentation and in my plan, you should script the introduction and conclusion, here is the introduction. The conclusion is unscripted, not because I am too lazy, but if you look at the plan you see why.


    Hi I am Nick Cowie and I am going to talk about presentations, particularly planning presentations.

    Those people who have seen me present before, know that I can do a reasonable job. A few friends where suprised when work sent me on a full day training course on presentations. I tweeted a few times during the day I was bored and not learning anything, then the course moved onto session planning. I tweeted that I did learn something interesting, and a couple of my twitter friends asked if I would give a presentation at BarCamp on what I learnt.

    This may seem an odd topic for BarCamp, but BarCamps are about presentations and I want to convince people that it is easy to give a presentation with good planning, so hopefully more of you will give a presentation at next BarCamp.

    For those of you give presentations, I want to convince you that planning makes things go easier. You know that horrible feeling in your stomach before you step on stage. Planning does not stop it, it does calm it down quickly as you know if something goes wrong it is easy to get back in step.

    One of the most important things I want to pass on to you today, is that you need to break your planning down to the granular level.

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