TransPerth customer service FAIL

I might be fan of the TransPerth web pres­ence. How­ever, their cus­tomer ser­vice failed for me big time tonight. Work­ing late, I caught the 1935 train home from Perth, so I could con­nect with the 541 bus from Wel­lard sta­tion to drop me off outisde my house. The trip went well until the train attemp­ted to stop at Wel­lard and it just slide through the sta­tion, and failed to stop.

So I walked down the train to com­plain to the two secur­ity guards rid­ing the train, I did not even get to explain the story went the train driver opened his door and apo­lo­gised for fail­ing to stop, because there must of been sud­den shower, because brakes would not grip, it is all metal on metal. The driver got on the radio as did one of the secur­ity guards, who was try­ing to delay the bus which was due to leave Wel­lard Sta­tion in less than 10 minutes, which means I need to catch a return train straight from Rock­ing­ham back again, oth­er­wise I would have to walk the 2.5km home in very wet weather. The driver, mean­while told me Just go see the guys at the secur­ity at Rock­ing­ham, they will sort some­thing out, they will prob­ably get you a taxi.

Then the train pulled into Rock­ing­ham Sta­tion, just as the train head­ing back towards Perth left. So with the next train back to Wel­lard Sta­tion 28 minutes away, I approached the secur­ity guards in their office. There response was Sorry, the driver must of been talk­ing to the other sta­tion, there is noth­ing we can do. Faced with a choice of wait­ing 28 minutes for the next train and prob­ably a 2.5km walk home, a 920 bus pulled out­side of the sta­tion. So I took the chance, caught that bus home. It was a 15 minute bus ride and 1km walk home in wild weather, but I got home. Unfor­tu­nately I had to pay extra for the priv­ilege because the train took me an extra zone.

Try­ing to lodge a com­plaint on the TransPerth site is also a saga I found the com­plaints page only after going through the nav­ig­a­tion twice, two searches and half a dozen pages later I found a link to that page, no con­tact us or feed­back, just a com­plaints page.

3 Responses to “TransPerth customer service FAIL”

  1. Gary Barber Says:

    The com­plaints page doesn’t sur­prise me at all. I can quote a few cases of other WA gov­ern­ment agen­cies that should no bet­ter that have delib­er­ately hid­den their com­plaints or even con­tact and feed­back pages.

    Seems they don’t want any easy to use con­tact points. They just want to avoid con­tact with the pub­lic as much as pos­sible. Reminds me of Yes Min­is­ter all too well.

  2. Baphomet Says:

    About Us” tab in the top right corner,

  3. Nick Says:

    You click on the about us tab, select con­tact us from the left hand menu and then scroll through all the vari­ous phone num­bers to find the email address or link to the com­plaints form in the bot­tom right hand corner. No exactly the logical place for it (or in accord­ance with the WA Gov­ern­ment guidelines). Plus was it there in July last year?