TransPerth customer service FAIL

I might be fan of the TransPerth web presence. However, their customer service failed for me big time tonight. Working late, I caught the 1935 train home from Perth, so I could connect with the 541 bus from Wellard station to drop me off outisde my house. The trip went well until the train attempted to stop at Wellard and it just slide through the station, and failed to stop.

So I walked down the train to complain to the two security guards riding the train, I did not even get to explain the story went the train driver opened his door and apologised for failing to stop, because there must of been sudden shower, because brakes would not grip, it is all metal on metal. The driver got on the radio as did one of the security guards, who was trying to delay the bus which was due to leave Wellard Station in less than 10 minutes, which means I need to catch a return train straight from Rockingham back again, otherwise I would have to walk the 2.5km home in very wet weather. The driver, meanwhile told me Just go see the guys at the security at Rockingham, they will sort something out, they will probably get you a taxi.

Then the train pulled into Rockingham Station, just as the train heading back towards Perth left. So with the next train back to Wellard Station 28 minutes away, I approached the security guards in their office. There response was Sorry, the driver must of been talking to the other station, there is nothing we can do. Faced with a choice of waiting 28 minutes for the next train and probably a 2.5km walk home, a 920 bus pulled outside of the station. So I took the chance, caught that bus home. It was a 15 minute bus ride and 1km walk home in wild weather, but I got home. Unfortunately I had to pay extra for the privilege because the train took me an extra zone.

Trying to lodge a complaint on the TransPerth site is also a saga I found the complaints page only after going through the navigation twice, two searches and half a dozen pages later I found a link to that page, no contact us or feedback, just a complaints page.

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The requested URL /links.txt was not found on this server.

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3 Responses to “TransPerth customer service FAIL”

  1. Gary Barber Says:

    The complaints page doesn’t surprise me at all. I can quote a few cases of other WA government agencies that should no better that have deliberately hidden their complaints or even contact and feedback pages.

    Seems they don’t want any easy to use contact points. They just want to avoid contact with the public as much as possible. Reminds me of Yes Minister all too well.

  2. Baphomet Says:

    “About Us” tab in the top right corner,

  3. Nick Says:

    You click on the about us tab, select contact us from the left hand menu and then scroll through all the various phone numbers to find the email address or link to the complaints form in the bottom right hand corner. No exactly the logical place for it (or in accordance with the WA Government guidelines). Plus was it there in July last year?