Twitter did not suck the blogging from me

While Molly blames Twitter for her lack of blogging and Mark life, the reason for my lack of blogging of the past few weeks can be attributed to the new train and my desire to get back to a reasonable level of fitness.

Most of my blogging used to be done on the 35+ minute bus ride to and from work. With the new train line the old bus routes where deleted (I will post a flickr photo soon to explain the choice of that term). The closest train station is some 2.5km from house, so my I have been taking advantage of the fact I can take my bike on the train and cycling the 2.5km, 5km, 18km or longer to a station and catching the train to work. The trip home is similar, though with headwinds in the 25+kph range lately, I tend to take the longer train ride, shorter ride home option.

So why has this reduced my blogging, well it is a little difficult to carry both a change of clothes and my laptop on my back for the longer rides, so I usually leave the laptop home. While my phone is quite capable of posting to my blog. The keyboard is not conducive to posts more than a couple of paragraphs. So I have lost my blogging time each day.

So while I have written a couple of posts in an old fashioned notebook, I just have not converted them to an electronic format. More to do with my level of fitness leaving my tired each night and having to spend my time rebuilding my desktop PC, due a dead motherboard.

Will things improve, I hope so, this post was written on my laptop on the way to work, I intend to take my laptop on the train more often, even if it reduces my twittering. And as my fitness improves I should be spending more time in the evening writing and hopefully doing other interesting stuff.

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