Web Mixed grill

The Australian Web Industry Association is organising a Web Mixed Grill to showcase some of the bright minds the Australian web community, I assume in 24 ways kind of way.

While I do not consider myself one of the brightest mind in the Australian web community. I am more than happy to contribute. So what would you like to see me contribute?

  1. How to layer Flash and HTML using an iframe. So you can place HTML over Flash or Flash over HTML and it to render consistently as expected in OS other than windows, ie Mac and *nix.
  2. How to use JavaScript to manipulate links on webpages. I was asked to identify all external links on 6,500 web pages, clearly identify them to visitors, get them to open in a new window and even provide a message they where leaving the site (yes it is bad idea). I did it all with JavaScript, that degraded gracefully and the HTML could validate to strict.
  3. Tips on how to build webpages that will work in Internet Explorer for Windows Mobile 6.

Or something totally different? Let me know.

One Response to “Web Mixed grill”

  1. Kay Smoljak Says:

    Well, seeing as Mattman isn’t after long articles, just short snippets and tips… why not all three? :D