WebJam9 is coming to Perth

In conjunction with Edge of the Web, WebJam9 is coming to Perth on the evening of November 6. You do not need to attend the conference to go to WebJam.

If you have never been to a WebJam, you need to experience it at least once. Close to 20 geeks, giving short, and I mean short 3 minute presentations on what ever they are passionate about, often show off their new projects.

It is fun, fast and furious evening with a bunch of fellow geeks and there is usually a healthy bar tab to get you into the spirit. So you need to go register now for free as places are limited

Speaking at WebJam is fun and slightly addictive. I highly recommend it to anybody, even if you have never presented before. It is a great way to learn the skills to present and what is the worst that can go wrong. You lose your voice the moment you go on stage and have to give you presentation through interpretive dance. It is only 3 minutes so embarrassment will disappear quickly as soon as the next presenter gets on stage. Also as long as you are not giving a full on sales pitch, the audience is extremely forgiving.

I know I have given 3 presentations and hopefully I will be presenting at WebJam9, the topic is still undecided, I have a couple of ideas I have to work through, but I will definitely be there and presenting if I get the call.

So what tips have I got for first time WebJam speakers. Practice and practice again, you only have 3 minutes and the time limit is enforced. So make sure your presentation is less than 3 minutes long and you know it well. Also be prepared, the clock starts when you step on stage, so make sure everything is loaded and ready to roll. You can not afford to waste 20 or 30 seconds, starting software, typing in URLS etc. And most of all do not take it to seriously, have fun.

So start working on your proposal know and I will see you at the UWA tavern on November 6.

2 Responses to “WebJam9 is coming to Perth”

  1. Ruth Ellison Says:

    Wow, another reason why I wish I could be in Perth during that time…all the best. Webjam is a fun event!

  2. Ann Arbor Web Designer Says:

    I think that’s a fun way to give a presentation. One thing is for sure, no one is in the room is going to sleep in this set of presentations.