Crumpler Part and Parcel Courier Bag review

Crumpler Part and Parcel Courier Bag

This is my infamous bag that has been reported to the local Crumpler store on more than one occasion, because I had the audacity to stencil my blog URL on it, to clearly identify as mine.

Three years ago, I bought a Crumpler bag on the recommendation of a couple of friends, to protect my then laptop, an ancient and battered Ti Powerbook from my daily adventures. I had used at least four other bags, but none had the durability, protection or usefulness offered by the Part and Parcel. The fact it was a full blown courier bag, that I could use while cycling really swung it for me.

Shortly after purchasing the Part and Parcel, I was heading to Web Directions 06, so to clearly identify my bag from the other crumpler loving geeks at the conference. I created a stencil and using a small foam roller and acrylic paint put my blog URL on the top flap. I did not even get to the first workshop on the first day, without seeing an identical bag. I sat down to breakfast at a nearby cafe and at the next table was an identical bag sans URL.

Over the three years, I have used the bag with a number of different laptops, including the current MacBook Pro. The Part and Parcel must be doing a good job, because the MacBook Pro is far less battered than Ti Powerbook was at the same stage of it’s life.

The bag has been used on an almost daily basis to take a laptop to work. Except when I am riding most or all of the way in. I started using the Part and Parcel to carry clothes (a change of clothes for work, no shoes and cycling clothes for the return trip) and emergency tools for my 90 minute plus, 42km commute into work. The problem was after an hour or so, I would start losing sensation in my left shoulder, which had the bag slung over. This is the shoulder that has suffered a couple of major fractures and nerve damage in the past dozen years, so it should not be the same for you.

I bought an inexpensive backpack for the long cycling commute and continue to use the Part and Parcel for everything else, including the regular ride to the station with laptop.

I have used the Part and Parcel for a lot more than lugging a laptop, it has been used to carry a variety of objects various distances by foot and by bike and it does the job well.


  • Durable
  • Practical
  • Looks good


  • Not that comfortable after an hour with moderate load.
  • Too popular.
  • Brand fanatics


I am very happy with the Part and Parcel, it is a practical and durable courier bag that doubles as a laptop bag. And yes I would recommend it to anybody who needs a laptop bag and particularly anybody who cycles.

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