Crumpler Yee Ross Review

Crumpler Yee Ross Backpack

I have been using an inexpensive no name backpack to carry the necessary baggage (work clothes but not shoes, cycling clothes for trip home, tools and spare tube) for the ride to work for the last couple of years, and it has done the job.

However, I start riding the recycled single speed to work and that did not have mounts for drinks bottle. One of the reason I bought that specific noname backpack was it could also be used as a hydration pack. So I tried to use it as a hydration pack, and it did not work for me. The tubing was in the wrong spot, the provided bladder pack was difficult to use, the mouthpiece leaked and my CamelBak 1.5l bladders did not fit the pack.

Then purely by accident I saw the Crumpler Yee Ross on the Crumpler web site, a Crumpler backpack that can be used as a hydration pack. So I went to my local Crumpler store, check it out and walked away after purchasing last year’s model (more on that later).

A few days later it was pressed into service as a hydration pack with a CamelBak 1.5l bladder and it performed exceptional well, the routing put the mouth piece in the right spot and the CamelBak 1.5l bladder did it’s job providing me hydration. It was also far more comfortable to ride in than the noname backpack. The weight was well distributed, the shoulder straps where in the right spot for me and did not dig in.

I started using the Yee Ross as a regular backpack for all my other commutes and I am completely sold on it. The comfort factor has it.


  • Comfortable, even with a moderate load.
  • Works as a hydration pack with a variety of bladders.
  • It is a Crumpler it will be durable.


  • Smaller than most backpacks, need to pack carefully.
  • Tight squeeze sliding a MacBook Pro in, not a problem with the Acer Aspire One though.
  • It is a Crumpler ;-)

There is a difference between last year’s model which is made from thicker more durable material, has a waterproof pocket and wider belt straps than this year’s model which comes in more funky colours. So if you want one and I recommend last year’s model for durability and practically I would head into your local crumpler store now. I have owned mine for 8 weeks and I would highly recommend it.

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  1. Ann Arbor Michigan Web Site Design Says:

    Sounds like you are a real fan! Have fun with your new acquisition

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