I am not the only one playing with CSS3

Andy Clarke got me interested in what you could do with CSS3 with Five CSS design browser differences I can live with over at For A Beautiful Web blog. I realised what I was missing and start looking at what CSS3 properties that could be applied now, css3.info was an invaluable resource.

Then on December 1 24 Ways showed what could be done and how not to do it with regards to graceful degradation. After problems with the initial design, there was a couple of great articles on using CSS3 for progressive enhancement by John Allsopp and Elliot Jay Stocks.

A few days ago, Smashing Magazine published Push Your Web Design Into The Future With CSS3, which is a general introduction to CSS3. It also lead me to the Zen Elements blog of Alex Mitchell, which like me is experimenting with CSS3 properties and putting it on display for everyone to learn from.

I have not forgotten my demonstration of @font-face, first-letter and adjacent selectors. I am having issues with vertical alignment cross browsers. You will see that demonstration is the near future.

2 Responses to “I am not the only one playing with CSS3”

  1. Tom Medhurst Says:

    http://www.groopi.co.uk is also using CSS3!

  2. RE Mogul Says:

    Followed the link.

    …Refreshing to see progress being made with typefaces and web integration, most especially the platform-agnostic kind.

    Also, it’s nice to see the typekit and .webfont initiatives, etc. getting inked up and ready for the digital presses!

    –nice post